Guide to Retrax Electric & Manual Retractable Tonneau Covers

Guide to Retrax Electric & Manual Retractable Tonneau Covers

For truck and ute enthusiasts and everyday drivers alike, the quest for high-quality accessories that blend functionality, security, and aesthetics finds its destination with Retrax. This spotlight delves deep into a brand revolutionising the tonneau cover industry since 1996.

Born in San Antonio, Texas, Retrax quickly embarked on a trajectory that crossed borders and influenced how cargo security is perceived worldwide. Today, the company stands tall as Australia's fastest-growing tonneau cover brand, resonating with durability, innovation, and unparalleled craftsmanship.

The brand's journey reflects a consistent effort to evolve, enhance, and flawlessly execute the production of tonneau covers that meet every client's nuanced needs. Their US-based 125,000-square-foot production facility is a testament to this commitment, producing 10,000-12,000 top-tier units monthly, catering to a global clientele that values excellence and precision.

Retrax Tonneau Covers

Retrax's reputation is built on its relentless pursuit for excellence in the retractable truck bed cover market, showcased by its hero products: the RetraxONE MX & XR (Manual Polycarbonate), RetraxPRO MX, & XR (Manual Aluminum), Retrax PowertraxONE MX & XR (Electric Polycarbonate), and the premium Retrax PowertraxPRO XR & MX (Electric Aluminum). These models epitomise the brand's innovative spirit, each presenting unique features that cater to diverse needs.

The RetraxONE Series of covers are comprised of a rigid one-piece sheet of polycarbonate (commonly known as LEXAN®), without joints or hinges and reinforced with aluminium support rods. These covers have excellent impact resistance and are unharmed by sun, moisture, or temperatures from -10° to 90° Degrees Celsius. The ONE Series features a stylish and scratch resistant matte finish.

The RetraxPRO Series of covers are created from industrial strength aluminium slats that slide along the rails with sealed ball bearings. This construction ensures you get maximum strength and toughness that is built to last. With the ability to support distributed weight loads of 220+ kgs, the RetraxPRO Series is one of the strongest retractable truck bed covers on the market today.

The XR Series in both the Polycarbonate and Aluminium variants feature the Trax Rail System, allowing you to optimise cargo capacity with the cover open or closed and providing the ultimate versatility in cargo management. The Trax Rail System allows you to mount accessories on top of your truck bed cover and will work with most T-slot accessories from Rhino Rack®, Yakima®, Thule®, and many more, offering endless possibilities.

What Differentiates Retrax Tonneau Covers from the rest?

Despite the saturated market of automotive accessories, Retrax distinguishes itself through a staunch commitment to quality and a laser focus on one product only: the retractable tonneau cover. This dedication sets them apart, carving a unique space for Retrax tonneau covers in the market.

  • Style: Retrax covers feature a low-profile patented design that streamlines the overall appearance and provides a tight seal.
  • Security: Retrax covers can be locked in any position along the rail and are secured with their own keys.
  • Durability: Retrax covers are manufactured from reinforced polycarbonate or heavy-duty aluminum slats, which are connected by durable and flexible hinges to create a strong seal. This unique construction is sure to keep your cargo safe and secure in the most extreme elements.
  • Flexibility: Retrax covers feature a unique spiral track storage canister that prevents the cover from rubbing on itself as it retracts and closes, and won’t obstruct your cargo when you need it.
  • Ease: Retrax covers glide easily thanks to sealed ball bearings.

Are Retrax covers waterproof?

A common query among prospective buyers is the extent of water resistance offered by Retrax tonneau covers. While they aren't entirely waterproof, they excel in being weathertight – a deliberate design choice. The sealing mechanism is adept at keeping cargo dry during typical rainfalls, safeguarding against moisture, dust, and debris, a feature that outdoor enthusiasts and everyday users greatly appreciate.

The precision of the retractable tonneau covers' design reduces water ingress but doesn't eliminate it, allowing for necessary flexibility in various environmental conditions. This subtle balance between protection and versatility is what many users find appealing, knowing that their adventures and cargo are secure under the steadfast guard of Retrax.

Does Retrax have a lifetime warranty?

Investing in a Retrax tonneau cover is synonymous with investing in peace of mind. The Legendary Lifetime Guarantee accompanying the RetraxPRO MX and RetraxPRO XR substantiates the brand's confidence in its materials and quality (limited Lifetime warranty on all other models). This policy underscores their promise to consumers, ensuring that each tonneau cover performs optimally and lives up to the high standards set by Retrax.

Retrax accessories

Retrax prides itself on being a specialist; its retractable tonneau covers are its sole focus, allowing an unparalleled depth of innovation and quality. However, pairing them with compatible accessories can enhance aesthetics and functionality to maximise the utility of their covers. Products such as adaptive Yakima rack systems or the robust GoRhino XRS Cross Bars Bed Rail Kit extend your truck's storage capacity, which is ideal for recreational equipment or work tools.


Navigating the world of truck bed covers, one cannot overlook Retrax in Australia. Their journey from a budding brand in San Antonio to becoming a household name speaks volumes of their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Every product that rolls out of their facility encapsulates these values, offering consumers more than just a tonneau cover but a product with a legacy.

With Retrax, your cargo's security is as steadfast as the brand's journey. As you venture onto open roads or traverse rugged terrains, the confidence that your belongings are protected under a Retrax tonneau cover is unwavering. It's not just about the destination but also the journey – and with Retrax, it's one of assured security, style, and satisfaction.

Experience the craftsmanship, technology, and aesthetics with Retrax in Australia. Dive into our Retrax collection and redefine your journey. Shop now.

16th Nov 2023

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