Modifying the Jeep Gladiator: What You Need To Know | Upfitter

Modifying the Jeep Gladiator: What You Need To Know | Upfitter

So, you have just purchased a Jeep Gladiator? Or, maybe you have had one for a while and have begun considering modifications for your vehicle. Well, you have come to the right place. The Jeep Gladiator is the ultimate pickup truck and the perfect option for all-terrain driving; equipped with a four-door cab, a 5-foot bed and 4-wheel solid drive, it is a great versatile vehicle that will suit you in a variety of situations.

What are the Jeep Gladiator's specs?

The Jeep Gladiator ticks all the boxes for an outdoor lover, from the all-steel bed designed for organisation, functionality and storage, to the 17-inch alloy wheels. A key feature of the Jeep Gladiator, adored by owners, is the removable top and doors, allowing for a unique driving experience that few competitors can match.

Now, while the Jeep Gladiator is a great stock vehicle, the truck's beauty lies in the fact that it is nearly wholly customisable.

Should I modify my Jeep Gladiator?

Modifications can improve the look and feel of your truck; however, they are only sometimes necessary and can be costly, especially if you have just forked out for a new truck. Luckily, one of the biggest perks of the Jeep Gladiator is that nearly every part of the truck is customisable. So, even if you wish to wait to customise it. Down the track, upgrading components as you please will be easy.

Top modifications to make for the Jeep Gladiator

Floor liners/ interior care/ seat covers

The Jeep Gladiator is made stock with a carpeted floor, which is fine for getting around but doesn't offer much interior longevity for those big off-road trips. If you plan on driving with the top off, you should consider some protection to maintain that new car feel.

If you aren't planning on having new floors built-in or opting for sturdier material from the get-go, some floor liner truck mats are a great alternative. WeatherTechs High-Performance Car Floor Mats are custom fit for Jeeps and offer the perfect protection for your vehicle at an affordable price.

Side protection/ fender flares

Fender flares are by far the most efficient option at protecting the sides of your vehicle and are very easy to assemble (they also look epic)

As any avid off-road driver would know, your vehicle is susceptible to plenty of bumps and scratches when hitting the road, exacerbated by the large, all-terrain tyres used off the beaten track. Flares, also known as Fender Flares, are a great option to avoid the damage inflicted on your truck by the larger tyres, as they catch and refract rocks and stones, stopping them from impacting your car.

Not only will flares protect the paintwork on your vehicle, but it may also be illegal to drive without them. In most Australian states, it is illegal for your tyres to jut out from the body of your car.

There's nothing more heartbreaking than a scratch across a new truck, and although the Jeep Gladiator is protected at both the front and rear of the vehicle, the sides don't have that same level of protection.

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to flares, from different styles to different functionalities.


There's no debating the fact that bigger wheels look better. Something about that added height makes a truck look and feel tough. Not only are bigger tyres better looking, but they also perform much better off-road, as larger tyres allow for a greater surface area on the road, giving your truck more grip.

LED Lights

LED lights can be a game changer on those dark nights when driving off-road. LED lights will provide a more robust, clearer beam of light than your high-beam headlights and are great if you have them on for extended periods as the LED doesn't get too hot. Not only this, they improve the look of your truck, use far less energy than regular headlights and are super easy to install.

Recovery gear

If you plan to modify your Jeep Gladiator, your first change should be recovery gear. Recovery gear is crucial to your truck, especially if you plan to drive off-road or through remote areas. A simple set of Recovery Gloves, some Recovery Straps and a couple of D rings can go a long way in assisting in your own or someone else's recovery, and it won't break the bank.

What is the Jeep Gladiator's towing capacity?

The Jeep Gladiator's towing capacity is a maximum of 2721kg.

Front bumper

The Jeep Gladiator comes stock with a basic front bumper, consisting of some fog lights, and a low profile design but is missing the add-ons that can enhance your driving experience and provide a level of security and safety to your adventures. Upgrading your Jeep Gladiators' front bumper has many benefits, from safety to appearance. If you are a regular off-roader, you may need a permanent recovery option and a winch-ready front bumper to commit to those dangerous, remote road trips.

29th Nov 2022

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