Time to Tonneau: Your guide to picking the right Tonneau for your ute | Upfitter

Time to Tonneau: Your guide to picking the right Tonneau for your ute | Upfitter

What are Tonneau Covers?

A tonneau cover is a protective layer covering your ute bed to secure luggage or belongings in the tray. You may not need to use a tonneau cover for your ute, but if you have plans to store belongings in the bed of your truck, consider investing in one to avoid any damage from the elements or the prying eyes of potential thieves.

A good tonneau cover will firmly secure your luggage and minimise wind resistance for better petrol mileage. Ute and truck tonneau covers protect from the weather while keeping everything safely in place while driving. Not only are tonneau covers excellent at protecting your belongings, but they also keep the bed itself rust-free and ensure that your vehicle retains its value should you need to sell it.

Why are they called Tonneau Covers?

The history of the tonneau cover is an interesting one; it turns out that people used them to transport goods centuries before trucks were even invented. "Tonneau" is a french word meaning barrel, cask or container and references the open-air cargo hull featured on horse-drawn carriages of the time. Unlike the horse and cart, the tonneau cover has stood the test of time, however, the tonneaus back then certainly didn't have an electric upgrade.

What are the different types of Tonneau Covers?

Tonneau covers are available in various forms depending on your needs, from soft top covers to sturdy, lockable hardcovers. Here are some of the key differences between tonneau covers:

Soft covers

Soft tonneau covers are the cheapest and most common style of cover. They are easily installed and often come stock standard with trucks. They range from basic fabric covers that offer protection from snoops and light weather to sturdier, durable covers that are the next best thing to a solid cover. A perk of opting for a soft cover is the ease of installation and the fact they are often easily removable. This is especially important if you need the added tray space to transport large items.

Upfitter stocks a range of soft covers, from a simple soft roll-up cover to a durable, tear-resistant cover designed for easy installation and harsh weather conditions.

Hard covers

Hard covers are a good choice for drivers who carry valuable cargo or need to keep their items dry. Although they come at a higher price than the soft option, they are far more durable and offer your belongings more reliable protection.

Hard covers also offer the option of increased customisation and give you the ability to utilise rhino racks and other forms of storage above them, a feature that is not possible on soft, foldable tonneau covers. If you are after a cover that allows for storage above, try the RetraxOne Tonneau Cover.

Electric Tonneau Covers

Electric tonneau covers are the most expensive, but they offer the most reliable protection and practical usage. Fully waterproof and lockable, electric tonneau covers are made for truck enthusiasts who are hitting the outdoors and want to be certain their belongings are kept dry and secure.

The Retrax PowerTrax Pro MX Aluminium Tonneau Cover is an electric retractable cover made from industrial strength aluminium slats that slide along the rails with sealed ball bearings and is one of the toughest tonneau covers on the market.

Do Tonneau Covers keep water out?

Most hard top tonneau covers will keep water out, if properly secured. Make sure you do your research beforehand to avoid any water damage and if you do need to protect expensive goods, consider investing more money into a high-quality cover to prevent any risk.

Do Tonneau Covers fit all trucks?

No! This is a big mistake many truck owners make. Each tonneau cover is designed to fit specific truck models and you should triple check you are purchasing a cover that fits your vehicle appropriately.

Looking for the right tonneau for your vehicle and everyday needs? Start a chat to get in touch with our friendly team for expert advice and level up your drives!

28th Dec 2022

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